How many times have you heard this?
Words thrown coldly in the face by influencers to absolve themselves of all responsibilities?

The rooster loves to boast about his projects after only 2 minutes of research, to anyone who will listen. If it works, his ego inflated, he won't hesitate to remind you that he had said so, that he was there! But if it fails, he protects himself behind this famous mantra shouted loudly: "Do your own research!"

That's how people act today, they don't stand by their opinions.

But what does it really mean?
What to do and where to start?

Don't worry, here we value your time and have therefore done the research for you.

coq - Jean-Jacques Grandville

0xPanku's manifesto

One of the core values of our project is a commitment to honesty and authenticity.
That's why we're not afraid to put a face to our work and show you who's behind the scenes.
We're proud of this project, we take responsibility for the work we're doing, and we're excited to share it with you.

Are you tired of empty promises and unfulfilled projects in the NFT space?
We are too!

That's why we're strong believers in a new and transparent approach.
We deliver a finished, functional and honest product before asking for any reward.

There will be no more smoke and mirrors, no buzzwords, no misleading marketing tactics and no more unmet promises. Just hard work and tangible results.

Mercenaries of Efyria is ready and 100% functional from day one.

We're not just jumping on the NFT bandwagon, we're using the technology !

Unlike most NFT projects, Mercenaries of Efyria can exist only because of blockchain and smart contract.
It's 100% permissionless, with no permanent owner.
this could not have been created with the classic WEB2.

Mercenaries of Efyria is truly a WEB3 product !!!

Art of Mercenaries is an original creation and it kick buts.
We don't copy other projects to surf the hype.

Hang the ape

Skin the cat

Eat the frog

FUCK whitelist.

Stop wasting your time on grinding whitelist.
Projects that are asking you that does not respect you.
Time is the most precious resource.
This project was built with this idea deeply in our minds.
This why we created a page like this one.
To save you time.
Mercenaries of Efyria is not time consuming

We respect you.

Code is open source.
Contract will be verified.
Ownership will be revoked.

We will have no control over the smart contract.


Something is missing ?